The Vic Chorus


While our formal sessions have concluded for this school year, plans are in place to hold informal, in-person rehearsals on Sunday afternons @ 4:00pm (our next session is Sunday, April 3rd).  These in-person rehearsals will be held outdoors and will follow the current U of T public health protocols as outlined below.  Online, live-streaming will also be provided for those who wish to join us remotely.



-length of rehearsals limited to no more than 45 minutes

-small groups of about 10 people at a time

-use of masks and other protective equipment and maintaining a 3m physical distance from each other during any in person gathering

-in accordance with U of T policy, participants will be required to be fully vaccinated (With respect to Covid-19, vocal rehearsals and performances are considered a 'high risk activity')

-plans are to rehearse outdoors

-online sessions will continue;  those wishing to participate only online will be accomodated.

Further details will be posted here as information becomes available.