The Vic Chorus


Due to current public health protocols established by the University of Toronto, all sessions for the month of January will be held online  (January 18th and 25th). The hope is to return to in-person rehearsals as of the first of Februay, to be held on Sundays @ 3:30pm and Tuesdays @ 5:15pm. This is subject to change and pending further updates from the University on this matter.  Any in-person rehearsals will be held in adherence to the current U of T public health protocols as outlined below.  An option to particpate online only will continue regardless.



-length of rehearsals limited to no more than one hour

-small groups of about 10 people at a time; as such, members will be scheduled to attend at one of two possible times during the week (Tuesday afternoons or Sunday afternoons)

-use of masks and other protective equipment and maintaining a 3m physical distance from each other during any in person gathering

-in accordance with U of T policy, participants will be required to be fully vaccinated (With respect to Covid-19, vocal rehearsals and performances are considered a 'high risk activity')

-plans are to rehearse outdoors as much as possible

-online sessions will continue;  those wishing to participate only online will be accomodated.

Further details will be posted here as information becomes available.